Our Competitive Eclipse Teams (U9-U19)
Our competitive Eclipse teams in the U9 through U19 age groups are determined via a tryout process that takes place in April and May each year. Once teams are selected and registered, players will compete with their Eclipse team June-November and then return for our Spring Program March-May prior to tryouts the following year. During the June-November season, players have the opportunity to participate in three practices each week. Depending on the age and competitive level of the team, a team will play 2-7 tournaments and 8-12 non-tournament games per season, most of which will take place in Cal North fall competitive leagues. Teams may also participate in several “variety” events during the season, which can include indoor soccer games and beach soccer trips. During the winter, Eclipse teams have the option to participate in indoor soccer and/or futsal leagues, or individual players can participate in our Eclipse Winter Program.

At Eclipse, we have created a unique program that allows players and families a wide range of opportunities to play yet also have flexibility to play other sports and enjoy family time. The program was created based on years of research into theories of how to properly develop athletes and how to also keep them safe from the high risks of overuse injuries and physical/mental burnout.

Our competitive program structure has been built around a complete player development plan that progresses players in their technical, tactical, physical, mental and social skills from the age of 5 through the age of 18 in a healthy and safe manner. Coaches plan practices based on this clubwide development plan while maintaining a coaching style that goes in line with our philosophy.

Future Eclipse (U8 and younger)
Our Future Eclipse program offers young players the opportunity to receive coaching from Eclipse staff coaches to create a solid foundation of skills to build on as they get older. The younger a player is taught the correct techniques, the more time they can spend learning more advanced technical and tactical skills as they grow up in our program. While the kids are receiving training from staff coaches on technical skills, Future Eclipse is always fun! Practices have the perfect balance of skills learning and fun games to build a passion for the sport. Future Eclipse players are able to participate in our spring program for two practices/week. From mid-June through the end of October, Future Eclipse also has practices twice/week as a group. The group is broken up into smaller “teams” each practice for drills/games. At this age, the “games” for Future Eclipse are worked into their practice sessions to allow the players ample opportunity to challenge themselves in a competitive environment. Future Eclipse players break into small teams to play 3v3 or 4v4 soccer on a small field with small goals (no goalies). This style of play maximizes the amount of touches each player gets on the ball in a game setting and keeps them constantly involved in tactical decision-making. This style of play is also high-paced and high-scoring, which means lots of fun for the kids. By working their “game time” into training sessions and requiring no weekend commitment, Future Eclipse players are able to easily participate in LMYA or OYA recreational play in the fall as well, as we understand how important it is for kids this age to get to play with all of their friends from school too!

Eclipse Spring Program
The Spring Program runs from mid-March to mid-May with players having two practices per week during that time. Returning Eclipse players participate in the Spring Program. It is also open to players new to Eclipse. The Spring Program has a heavy focus on individual technical development, so we use a blend of field training and futsal training to help players develop their skills and increase their speed of play. To register for the Spring Program, check our website for more information or email

Eclipse Development Program
The Development Program serves as a way for all players from the community to participate in a program where they can develop their skills and have fun being coached by Eclipse staff coaches. Players do not need to be on an Eclipse competitive team to participate in the Development Program. The Program takes place in 1.5-hour sessions once per week over the course of the summer. For more information, email Director Shane Carney at

Eclipse Summer Camp
Our Summer Camp is another option for all players from the community to participate in an Eclipse program where the focus is on developing skills while having a ton of fun in the process. The summer camp is a weeklong camp (Monday-Friday) with 2.5 hours of soccer each day. Players do not need to be on an Eclipse competitive team to participate in our summer camp.

Eclipse Leadership Academy
Eclipse players in the U12-U19 age groups have the opportunity to participate in a leadership academy. The academy, run in a classroom setting, uses a variety of activities and discussions to help the kids develop their own personal style of leadership that they can use to have a positive impact in their team, in the club and in the community. For more information about the Leadership Academy, email

Eclipse Kicks for a Cause Tournament
Eclipse hosts an annual tournament for players, friends, siblings and even parents to get out on the field and participate in some 3v3 small-sided action. The tournament, which is played out over the course of one day, brings our Eclipse family together to have fun and raise money for our nonprofit partners. For more information about the Kicks for a Cause tournament, email

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