Teams Continue to Show Growth at September Tournaments

Our teams were busy over the weekend of September 28-29, as 18 of our teams headed to Sunnyvale and 11 headed to Palo Alto for tournament play. 13 of our teams advanced into the medal rounds after successful group games, while improved play was seen clubwide. It was inspiring to see how hard our teams worked throughout the weekend against some tough opponents.

While there were many highlights from the weekend, those at Twin Creeks on Sunday night got to witness something special, as our 08 Girls Lunar Red and 05 Girls teams captured the championship and our 07 Girls won their third place match all in quick succession. It was a fun tournament weekend with many of our teams staying in hotels in the area and participating in a number of team social activities, including team meals, swimming, bowling and more. Thanks to all of our coaches, managers, and team families for your support of the kids this weekend!

2005 Girls
2008 Girls Lunar Red

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