Eclipse Teams Have Fun On and Off of the Field at October Tournaments

Eclipse teams headed out to four different tournaments during the month of October to finish out the fall tournament calendar. While there was a lot of fun happening on the field as our players worked hard and showed off some great team play, there was also a lot of fun happening off of the field. Many of our teams dressed up in team costumes for Halloween tournaments and participated in various team bonding activities in between and after games. The great teamwork guided our teams to an extremely successful weekend. Congrats to our teams who advanced and/or had high finishes at their tournaments!

1st Place/Champions: 2006 Lunar Girls (SR), 2003 Girls (BAFC), 00-01 Boys Lunar (BAFC)
2nd Place: 2010 Girls (SR), 2009 Boys (SR), 2008 Solar Girls (SR), 2007 Boys (SR), 2006 Solar Red Girls (SR), 2005 Solar Girls (SR)
3rd Place: 2008 Lunar Boys (SR), 2005 Lunar Girls (BAFC), 00-02 Boys Solar (BAFC)
Semifinalists: 2009 Girls (SR), 2007 Lunar Girls (SR)
4th Place: 2002 Girls (Placer), 2002 Boys (BAFC)