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2018 Tryouts have concluded at this time. If you missed tryouts but are interested in joining a team, email Director Shane Carney at to see if any openings exist in your player’s age group.


As the youth soccer landscape continues to change locally, regionally and nationally, a new tryout window is being put in place for all clubs in our area starting for 2018. U8-U14 players will try out between May 12 and June 22. U15-U19 players will try out between May 21 and June 22. Eclipse will hold tryouts during these tryout windows and not in January-March as was the previous standard. Our full tryout schedule is below. We understand that this new tryout window will be standard for all clubs in the area.

Players interested in working with Eclipse prior to tryouts can participate in our Eclipse Spring Program, which will run mid-March through Mid-May.

Planning to Attend Tryouts in 2018?:
Register using the form below. This will get you added to our tryouts email list to ensure you receive information as dates, times and locations are finalized for 2018 tryouts.

2018 Eclipse Tryouts Registration Form





2018 Tryouts Schedule (by birth year of players)
Wilder 1 – 1 Wilder Rd, Orinda (lowest field on hill – turf field)
Wilder 2 – 2 Wilder Rd, Orinda (second field up hill – turf field)
Wilder 3 – 3 Wilder Rd, Orinda (third field up hill – grass field)
Pine Grove – 8 Altarinda Rd, Orinda

2011 and younger note: Tryouts are not required for this age, as players will participate in our Future Eclipse Program. To receive registration information about that program, you can use the tryout sign-up form above to be added to our list.

2010 and older note: All players born in 2010 or earlier will participate in tryouts as laid out below for our Eclipse teams. Signing up for tryouts using the form above ensures you will receive updates about tryouts.


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring anything to tryouts?
Yes. Please bring a completed Eclipse tryout registration form. Make sure your child also brings some water.

How much do tryouts cost?
We do not believe in charging players to try out. We do select a charity each year to collect donations for at tryouts, so if you enjoy tryouts, you can donate to our selected charity.

What if it rains the day of tryouts?
We generally schedule tryouts at turf fields, so tryouts will be on rain or shine. If there is a lightning storm or if one of our grass locations does get closed, we would need to reschedule tryouts to keep the kids safe. If this occurs, we will contact all registered tryout participants via email.

How many teams will you have in each age group? How many kids will be trying out? What are my child’s chances of making a team?
As tryouts near, we will post our projected teams and coaches. These projected teams will be based on the registrations we have received for tryouts. Historically, we form one team in every age group and have a second team in age groups with large tryout attendance. Since we have many registrations come in last minute and always have some players walk up to tryouts without having registered ahead of time, it is very difficult for us to determine an exact number/chance of making it for any specific player ahead of time.

Can my child try out in an age group different than their own?
No players are allowed to “play down” per US Soccer rules. All players must play in their own age group and may not play in an age group below their own. In some rare instances, players may be allowed to “play up” in an age group older than their year of birth for developmental reasons. These rare instances will need to be approved by the director via email ahead of tryouts.

How are teams selected?
We have our coaching staff on hand for tryouts to have a wide range of coaches evaluating players. At the conclusion of tryouts, a compiled evaluation and rating is made for each player based on evaluations from all of the coaches. The club’s directors then meet with the coach of that team to review the ratings and make final decisions.

When will we know if we made the team?
The club’s director will notify families of team selections within one week of tryouts concluding. Notifications will be sent to the email addresses that accompany the online tryout registration.

How fast do you need to know if we accept our spot if we make the team?
We ask that you let us know as soon as you are able to. In general, about 90% of our players respond to accept their spots on the team within 24 hours; however, if you need more time to decide, simply let the club’s director know that you will need more time. We don’t want anyone to have to rush into a decision that they are not ready for.

What if my player does not make the team?
Players who are not selected for teams after tryouts will also be notified by the club’s director via email. At that point, players will have the option of joining the waiting list for that team. In the event that the waiting list does not work out, the club offers our Development Program option, so players can still participate in the Eclipse club experience. More information about this option will be shared with players once the waiting list closes.

What if my kid is new to competitive soccer and is nervous about trying out?
Every year we have a ton of kids who are trying out for competitive soccer for the first time. We run our tryouts in line with our club’s Coaching Philosophy, so the kids generally have a lot of fun at our tryouts. If your child is particularly nervous, let them know at the registration table and one of our club coaches or directors will be happy to come introduce themselves to help your child feel more comfortable with the situation.

Are tryouts required if my kid is U8 or younger?
No. We do not have a set roster size for our Future Eclipse program (U6-U8), so we are able to accept all players who want to participate at this age. By signing up for tryouts in this age group, we will be able to contact you with more information about the program and inform you when it is time to register for the program.

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