2018 Tryouts to be Held in May/June

Update: 2018 tryout dates, times and locations have now been posted on our Tryouts page.

As the youth soccer landscape continues to change locally, regionally and nationally, a new tryout window is being put in place for clubs in our area starting for 2018. U8-U14 players will try out between May 12 and June 22. U15-U19 players will try out between May 21 and June 22. Eclipse will hold tryouts during these tryout windows and not in January-March as was the previous standard. Exact dates, times and locations will be announced as soon as we have final field permits for that time period. We understand that this new tryout schedule will be standard for all clubs in the area.

Those interested in trying out in 2018 can enter your information in the form on our Tryouts Page to ensure you receive updates as tryout dates, times and locations are finalized.


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