U18 Girls Program’s Commitment to Development Yielding Results

Four years ago, the club directors put a major focus behind building the U18 Girls Program for the future. DOC Luis Pinto took over coaching the U18 Girls at that time and has remained with the group since. With a focus on development in a positive environment, the program has grown in the number of players and the quality of the play.

At the start of the program, there were 19 players, 5 on high school teams (all JV), and the team went 0-3 with a -16 goal differential in their first tournament. Four years later, the program features two teams (U18 Lunar and U18 Solar) totaling 41 players with 15 already playing varsity and more expected to make their teams this winter. The results have come as a result of the long-term focus on development as both teams are experiencing their most successful summers. U18 Lunar finished 2nd in San Ramon (premier event) and 1st at Stanford. U18 Solar finished 2nd in Dublin and 1st in San Ramon.

The focus from day one has been on instilling a positive team culture where everyone plays their part. While opponents often have athletic advantages, our girls play hard, play for each other, and play as a team to ensure that the sum is greater than the parts. Pre-season goal-setting, development through variety (futsal, small-sided, indoor, etc.), and using classroom-style education have all been pillars of success during the program’s development.

Thank you to all of the players who have trusted Eclipse with their final years of youth soccer! We look forward to continuing the positive progress of this program!