U15 Lunar Girls Win Placer Girls Cup

The U15 Lunar Girls set their sights high this season by making the jump from bronze tournaments to gold and premier events. With goals set to develop a quality style of play and compete at the highest level, the team committed fully to pushing themselves to a higher level this season. While the team found success throughout the season, including winning the Creek Cup Silver Edition and coming in second in a gold tournament, the final tournament still seemed like a very tall task. The adidas Placer United Girls Cup is one of the top girls tournaments in Northern California and is a major jump for a team that was competing in bronze events last season. The girls used a 3-0 win over Mustang in their opening game to cruise to winning their group. In the semifinals, the girls were matched up with Almaden Premier, a talented team from the San Jose area. In one of their best games of the season, the girls dominated possession and scoring opportunities to seal up a 4-0 victory. In the final, the girls found themselves matched up against Bay Oaks Premier. Bay Oaks scored twice early to take a 2-0 lead in the first ten minutes of the final. Eclipse increased their pressure and settled the ball down to get a goal just before halftime. Down 2-1 at halftime, the Eclipse girls focused on leaving everything they had out on the field. As the girls dominated the second half, they had narrow miss after narrow miss and couldn’t seem to find the tying goal. Finally, with two minutes left, the girls found the tying goal they needed. With the game heading toward penalty kicks, Eclipse got a corner kick with time winding down and sent everyone in to try and win in regulation. A header found the back of the net to give Eclipse the title at a tournament that many outsiders didn’t think Eclipse even belonged at prior to the tournament starting. It was a well-deserved victory for the girls who had committed all year to working hard , being positive, and always playing as a team.