Kicks for a Cause Returns!

We are bringing back our very popular home 3v3 tournament, Kicks for a Cause, this year. We will host it on Saturday, June 25, at Wilder Sports Complex. It is a one-day tournament, so we fit a lot of soccer into one day. Games will start as early as 8:00am and could wrap up as late as 5:00pm depending on the number of players who register. The tournament is a very fun day, as siblings, friends and parents are all welcome to play in the tournament as well. We handle registration by each family individually (not through your team), so that we can mix teams up and have players from different Eclipse teams playing together and teammates battling it out against each other. This creates some fun, new rivalries, improves competitive balance, and helps create new friendships! The cost is just $25 per player, and all profits from the event go to a charitable cause. This year, we will be raising money via the tournament for Sakala (more info below), a youth center in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and for Coach CoCo’s Fundraiser for the Avon 39 Breast Cancer Walk that she and Karen Moe (an Eclipse mom) will be doing in September.
Info about Sakala from one of our team managers Liz Owens: “Sakala ( is a community center for children and youth in the middle of Cite Soleil, one of the worst – if not the very worst – slum in the world.  When my daughter and I were in Haiti last month we visited Sakala with it’s founder, Daniel Tillias.  I had seen poverty in Haiti before, but the poverty in Cite Soleil literally took my breath away (see attached photo).  And in the middle of it is Sakala, a sanctuary for children and teens.  Sports, especially soccer, are a big part of their youth development program and connecting Kicks for a Cause seemed like a natural fit.  My daughter got to play with some of the boys there (see attached photos) and it was the highlight of her trip to Haiti. Thank you so much for participating in Kicks for a Cause in order to help this very worthy organization and these very deserving children!”