Coach CoCo Climb On!

photo-2-1Colette Bowler, better know as Coach CoCo, has recently found out she has cancer for the third time. As a two-time survivor, CoCo has inspired many Eclipse players and families, so it’s time for our Eclipse Family to support her through her third fight! An account has been set up to collect money for CoCo to help pay her medical expenses and send her on some vacations with her two daughters to create positive memories. If you are interested in supporting CoCo, you can donate at

This is Coach CoCo’s story, as she tells it…

I just found out I have Cancer again…Breast Cancer that spread to the Liver 😦

Not sure if all of you know but in the last three years I have fought two cancers (Breast and Colon) both were curable and chemo was given both times……but this one is new and not such a good one to have. IMG_5200

On Friday, I sat my two little ones down (Jace 10 and Jordan 11) and told them that “Mommy’s Cancer came back”.

A lot of tears came out, and my girls got pretty scared. I told them that I will fight hard. I told them that “Mommy will fight this Cancer as best I can”.

I told them I would be doing treatment again…and probably and hopefully not as hard as the other two treatments.

My story is a tough one but I have been very open with my girls and want them to see me be strong and fight hard. This is what Coach CoCo also wants the world to see……LIVE FOR EVERYDAY….FIGHT HARD…..AND MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE….BE KIND and CARE for each other…YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!

IMG_5552IMG_4187I LOVE LOVE LOVE COACHING ECLIPSE SOCCER…and that is because of the kids and parents.

My girls and coaching are the most important things in my life right now.

My girls keep me smiling, they make me want to fight as hard as I can. Eclipse soccer makes me laugh, feel happy, and feel loved in so many ways.

I wear two tattoo’s on my body…(well more than two…hee hee) but my Courage tattoo next to my pink Breast Cancer ribbon on one side and my Courage quote on my other arm are good reminders…


This is my story…no matter what we are faced with in life…LIFE IS PRECIOUS…hug the ones you love right now…be kind to each other every day.IMG_4188

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and never give up

Thanks to all
Coach CoCo