Alumni Update: Marco Tavecchio

By Elena Wasserman

Eclipse is now in its fifth year as a soccer club. As a growing club, there are growing players and coaches, many of whom have moved onto different cities. Eclipse is known for not only creating great teams, but an overall community filled with people who love the sport of soccer. Marco Tavecchio was one of the original coaches for Eclipse. Where is he now? What is he up to? We called him up to find out.

Q: When did you first start playing soccer?

A: I think my first organized league was when I was in first grade. I started playing LMYA in Moraga. Before that I just played around with my brother.

166992_261907730517165_2113512425_nQ: How did you first hear about Eclipse?

A: It was Shane. He came to a Campo practice one day and started talking about starting a new club. He talked about coaching opportunities, and I was like sure because it’d be awesome to be paid for something that I love.

Q: How was it coaching your first year on Eclipse?

A: Really fun! I think the slogan, “Developing Players Developing People,” says it all. I think having that mindset as a coach is even more fun and more rewarding.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from Eclipse?

A: I think one jumps out at me. The first year we had a tournament in Stockton and in between games we went to a restaurant where they didn’t know the Women’s World Cup game was going on. We made them turn the TV to the channel and watched the game together.

Q: What do you think makes Eclipse different from other soccer clubs?

A: I think it’s the slogan “Developing Players, Developing People.” It’s lived out every day and every interaction. Eclipse is a place where people from different families can get connected and show their love for soccer. Eclipse really is a family and it’s a great atmosphere where players can connect and become involved with their community.

Q: What have you learned from Eclipse that has helped you in your own life?

A: Always being positive. At Eclipse, even if we’re not winning games, we are focused on improvement and being better than before. We’re focused about the process and the development and not the destination.68415_10151250800671942_1232492865_n

Q: What has Shane taught you during your time at Eclipse?

A: I admire Shane for his positivity and his love in seeing growth in individual players and the community. He’s taught me to give back in not only words but in actions.

Q: What are you up to now?

A: Ok, so unfortunately I didn’t make the jump to collegiate soccer. I played for club for a year and it was a lot of fun and met a lot of cool people. Then I decided to be an RA for my last two years. I learned a lot about myself and life in general. I was an ECON and Math major and I applied to a bunch of jobs around the Bay Area. I ended up having a few interviews in SF and was lucky enough to get a job at a tech company called Mediamath where I do quality assurance and troubleshooting for the technologies they produce. I currently still live in Moraga and am excited to stay here a while until I save enough money to go abroad and work there.

Elena Wasserman is a former Eclipse player, referee, and coach who is now a journalism major at Cal Poly. She is currently working as a broadcast reporter for Mustang News, the news organization at Cal Poly, and is overjoyed with the opportunity to write for Eclipse.