Alumni Update: Cali Fehrnstrom

By Elena Wasserman

Eclipse is now going into its fifth year as a soccer club. As a growing club, there are growing players and coaches, many of whom have moved onto different cities. Eclipse is known for not only creating great teams, but an overall community filled with people who love the sport of soccer. Cali Fehrnstrom was one of the original players for Eclipse and has been a part of the club ever since year one. Where is she now? What is she up to? We called her up to find out.

image1Q: When did you first start playing soccer?

A: I first started playing probably when I was three or four.

Q: Where did you play before Eclipse?

A: I played in Sonoma because that’s where I lived. I played on a rec team and then club when I was 9 for Sonoma Rush.

Q: How did you first hear about Eclipse?

A: I heard about Eclipse through Ariel. We were hanging out over the summer, and she told me about the team. I emailed Shane and was put on the 9-person U16 Girls team.

Q: How was it playing your first year with only 9 girls?

A: It was definitely very interesting and posed a challenge in games, but it was really fun because all the girls became really close and we got to know each other really well and that’s a huge part of Eclipse: making lasting relationships with other people.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from Eclipse?

A: There are so many good memories. One of my favorite memories is playing horse at the end of a practice. I remember Ariel doing cartwheels in front of the goal, and it just enhanced developing relationships as teammates as well as developing our soccer skills. Having fun as a team and showing soccer is more than learning how to win, but learning how to have fun.

Q: What else have you done other than playing for Eclipse?

A: I coached for Eclipse – Future Eclipse for two years and helped with the U12 Girls.

Q: How was coaching for Eclipse?

A: It was really fun. It was a great experience because the other coaches really wanted you to succeed and they would help me and really inspired me to be a better coach. Also, the kids were a ton of fun to coach and so fun to work with, so it was amazing to watch them grow over the years.

Q: What do you think makes Eclipse different than other soccer clubs?

A: I think Eclipse really highlights the interaction between all teams and all age levels. They’re not like when you’re on Eclipse you’re just on this team. They really try to make Eclipse a family. All coaches know each other and players get the opportunity to during Friday playdays and Kicks for a Cause. They bring Eclipse together and call it a family in contrast to other clubs just focusing on

Q: What have you learned from Eclipse that has helped you in your own life?

A: Learned how to be a leader and how to take a larger role especially in coaching and be more responsible. I learned it’s not always super scary to be a leader and there are always people to fall back on; it really helped me realize what I was capable of, which I’m really thankful for.

Q: What are you up to now?

A: I go to Colgate. I’m double majoring in Economics and Spanish, so that’s what I’m up to now. I’m also in charge of a Spanish tutoring program and that’s really fun and I’m also a tour guide at Colgate. Oh, and I’m on mock trial, which takes up most of time. Right now, I’m working for a non-profit arts festival, Prescott Park in New Hampshire, and I manage the on-site restaurant.

Q: What has Shane taught you during your time at Eclipse?

A: He taught me to have faith that a nine person team could really be a good experience. He taught me soccer should be more than competition; it should be growing as an individual and forming relationships with other people, and to always have fun with soccer and anything you do in life.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: A note to people in Eclipse: enjoy and have fun because it’s over too quick. Really appreciate what you have because Eclipse is a special place and it goes by quicker than you think. Enjoy it because it’s different than any other soccer club, and it’s a great place to grow up.

Elena Wasserman is a former Eclipse player, referee, and coach who is now a freshman journalism major at Cal Poly. She is currently working as a broadcast reporter for Mustang News, the news organization at Cal Poly, and is overjoyed with the opportunity to write for Eclipse.