Alumni Update: Joaquin Cordero

By Elena Wasserman

Eclipse is now going into its fifth year as a soccer club. As a growing club, there are growing players and coaches, many of whom have moved onto different cities. Eclipse is known for not only creating great teams, but an overall community filled with people who love the sport of soccer. Joaquin Cordero was one of the original players for Eclipse and has been a part of the club ever since year one. Where is he now? What is he up to? We called him up to find out.

IMG_4825Q: How did you first hear about Eclipse?

A:  Shane was my coach for Campo. He needed people to join, so I said alright.

Q: How was it playing your first year?

A: It was fun. We didn’t win a lot because we were new. It was a new experience with a great coach. A funny memory I have is when we played cuppies, whoever lost had to wear my sweaty, wet t-shirt.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from Eclipse?

A: Scoring goals. Also playing with my team, because most of my team was people I played with at Campo, so it was nice having them. One of the best bonding times we had was hanging out in the hot tub at the Stockton hotel at the Stockton tournament.

Q: How was coaching for Eclipse?

A: It was fun and definitely an experience. Being the mature one for a change was different.

Q: What was a funny experience from coaching for Eclipse?

A: All the little boys chased me around and tried to pull down my pants, so that was interesting.

Q: What do you think makes Eclipse different than other soccer clubs?

A:  It was founded by one person and it’s not all about the profit; it’s about making the players better. I love a more relaxed club. It’s competitive, but it’s not what drives the team. Having fun and learning how to play soccer drives the team.

Q: What have you learned from Eclipse that has helped you in your own life?

A: For one, being responsible for children, being the adult for once for sure helped me. Also playing-wise, it helped me realize why I started playing soccer, and it’s because it was fun. At other clubs I didn’t have fun because it was more about winning.

IMG_4826Q: What are you up to now?

A: I’m attending Dominican University of California in San Rafael, and I’m playing for the club team there. I’m a communications major. I want to be a radio host or voice actor. Cartoons and stuff or the one guy who does movie commercials. When I got to college, people started saying I had a good voice for radio so that got me into it. I’m commentating the college games on the radio for the school.

Q: What has Shane taught you during your time at Eclipse?

A: One man can do something big. One man can create a huge soccer club that has grown over the past five years now. It shows that with determination and perseverance you can create whatever you want and follow your dreams.

Elena Wasserman is a former Eclipse player, referee, and coach who is now a freshman journalism major at Cal Poly. She is currently working as a broadcast reporter for Mustang News, the news organization at Cal Poly, and is overjoyed with the opportunity to write for Eclipse.