Alumni Update: Ariel Ramirez

By Elena Wasserman

Eclipse is now going into its fifth year as a soccer club. As a growing club, there are growing players and coaches, many of whom have moved onto different cities. Eclipse is known for not only creating great teams, but an overall community filled with people who love the sport of soccer. Ariel Ramirez was one of the original players for Eclipse and has been a part of the club ever since year one. Where is she now? What is she up to? We called her up to find out.


Q: When did you first start playing soccer?

A: I first started in first grade. I had been doing ballet and then I tried soccer and was like oh no never going back to ballet – this is so much more fun.

Q: Where did you play before Eclipse?

A: I actually played for OYA when I was younger and then I did soccer camps through Walnut Creek and then I did Miramonte soccer. Eclipse was my first club team.

Q: How did you first hear about Eclipse?

A: Well, funny story. I heard about it from this great gal named Elena, since we were on the same team for Miramonte. She was like there is this guy starting a new club. I emailed him and joined the team.

Q: How was it playing your first year with only 9 girls?

A: It was definitely different. We couldn’t even have 11 players on the field at one time. It was so much fun to just have the opportunity to play even though it wasn’t full field. We went to smaller tournaments. Being with people who wanted to play soccer was great. I remember the first practice it was just me, Elena and Colleen and Shane said we didn’t have a coach yet, so we just tagged along with the U13 girls team.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from Eclipse?

A: I think one is just the practices the first year. We couldn’t even get all 9 of us at practice. We would still just play horse and have fun, but still while playing soccer. Also tournaments… Stockton was something I looked forward to every year because the whole club is there and I loved being with all the teams. Although we got 2nd place last year, I’m still really proud of us, looking back at only 9 girls (in year one), and last year we were doing alright.

Q: What else have you done other than playing for Eclipse?

A: I’ve coached with U10 girls, U11 girls, and Future Eclipse. I also reffed a couple of times.

Q: How was coaching for Eclipse?

A: Coaching was super fun. I really like working with kids, so it’s a lot of fun doing that – watching them improve was really cool. Once they understood something, it was just a “yes” moment. I liked getting to know all the other teams and kids. Unique to Eclipse, you know teams from all different age groups.

Q: What do you think makes Eclipse different than other soccer clubs?

A: Getting to know all the different age groups. Everyone says this, but it’s so true that at Eclipse there is such a family feeling. Being with a team, you’re working to improve, but it’s not super strict like some other clubs that are super cutthroat. I think Eclipse is one of, if not the highlight, of my high school experience. When I look back at it now, I always had a good time, and it was always something I looked forward to.

Q: What have you learned from Eclipse that has helped you in your own life?

A: I think I learned a lot of leadership skills through Eclipse, and being more confident by being comfortable with my teammates and the whole club.

Q: What are you up to now?

A: I am at UC Davis. I’m studying biological sciences and doing pre-med. I think I want to go into nursing or be a physician assistant. I’ve been doing a lot of intramural sports like soccer and quidditch.

Q: What has Shane taught you during your time at Eclipse?

A: I definitely think Shane has taught me to not take life too seriously, you can laugh at yourself and if you’re having fun and learning it’ll be good.

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Elena Wasserman is a former Eclipse player, referee, and coach who is now a freshman journalism major at Cal Poly. She is currently working as a broadcast reporter for Mustang News, the news organization at Cal Poly, and is overjoyed with the opportunity to write for Eclipse.