Eclipse Teams Have Fun On and Off of the Field in Stockton

Eclipse teams headed out to Stockton the weekend of September 27 and 28 to take on competition from all over the state in the Triad tournament. Throughout the weekend, Eclipse teams fought hard, showed good sportsmanship and continued to improve on their skills individually and as teams.

While playing the games was fun for everyone, the highlight for many of the Eclipse players and families was the opportunity to spend time together bonding in between games at the field, at team dinners, and running around the hotels at night. Thank you to everyone involved with this weekend, as it is hopefully a weekend that many of the kids will remember!

Congratulations to our teams whose on field success earned them the right to go home with medals! U14 Boys and U18 Boys took home 1st place. Eclipse teams who finished in 2nd place were U12 Girls, U13 Boys Lunar, U13 Girls Lunar, U14 Girls and U18 Girls. U10 Boys, U11 Girls Lunar, U17 Boys all earned third place honors.