Get to Know: Coach CoCo (Colette Bowler)

Best soccer memory?
Becoming friends with Julie Foudy, my all-time role model in women’s soccer. Meeting Foudy in Hawaii and then spending the next day with Foudy and family at the pool.
Favorite soccer teams?
USA Women’s Soccer, Bayern Munich, German National Team and of course my U9 and U11 Eclipse girls
Favorite part of Eclipse?
Practices with the Eclipse girls
Where did you grow up?
Born in SF. Attended Berkeley High School and went to University of Mass for Undergrad and St Mary’s for Grad School.
What other sports do you like?
Rugby, running, and walking the Rez in Lafayette.
Favorite Food?
Homemade Salsa and Tortilla Chips
Favorite Movie?
Shirley Valentine
Favorite TV?
Any soccer match
Favorite Music?
Movie soundtracks (Les Mis, Phantom, Chicago)
3 fun facts about me?
1. I have an identical twin sister that was pregnant at the same time as me.
2. The Rugby team I played on won a National Title in New Orleans after a super tough match in the mud.
3. Julie Foudy hung out and videotaped the end of my 3 day 60 mile Breast Cancer walk in San Diego.
Best advice for Eclipse players?
Life is about having fun and working hard. Enjoy every moment you have on the field, work hard and enjoy life. Soccer is such a healthy sport, and everyone around you will support you in your soccer journey.