Player Safety: Beck and His Concussion Band

To help families and players in Eclipse better understand their options for preventing concussions, we had Tina Chambers sit down and interview her son, Beck, who is one of the first players in the club to wear safety headgear during practices and games.


Sports Interviewer (SI – aka Mom): Beck, what is that thing you wear on your head?

Beck: Its a Fuel 90 concussion band.

SI: Cool.  Where’d ya get it?

Beck: Soccer Post in Lafayette.

SI: Tell me more. Why did you get it?

Beck: Well it all started when I played in an indoor tournament back where my mom grew up during Thanksgiving break. I was 9 and my cousin’s team was U12.  Most of  the players, and I mean a lot, wore them. Many were selling them as a fundraiser for their teams. In order to be put on the eligible list my mom said I needed one too. So, I played up and our team took second place.

SI: How did it feel?

Beck: Well, at first it was a little weird. But  then it gave me so much more confidence that I could play as hard as I wanted and  I wouldn’t get hurt as often!

SI: Really,what  does as often mean?

Beck: Well, I am a  bit if a pro at getting a concussion. It was time to try not to get anymore.

SI: Whew, I bet your mom really appreciates this. Does it make your headers go all wonky? That’s a technical term for all over the place.

Beck: It kinda of does. But, you quickly learn how to control it.

SI: Do you think it has prevented any more concussions?

Beck: We will find out – so far so good and I really love playing in it!

DSC_9968 DSC_9967