Get to Know: Coach Tarek Alameddine

Best soccer memory?
At 12 years old, my 3rd-string team worked super hard all season, so by the end of the year we actually beat the 1st-string team! Our hard work paid off!
Favorite soccer teams?
I like them all
Favorite part about Eclipse?
The people that I get to work with. It is nice to know that the coaches and directors support each other in a common goal to make soccer fun.
Where did you grow up?
Locally born and raised! I’m an Acalanes guy! Happy to still be part of this community.
Other sports you play/watch?
I am a black belt in TaeKwonDo and enjoy playing volleyball.
Favorite food?
Mediterranean food…. and bacon
Favorite movie?
Shaolin Soccer
Favorite TV show?
Survivor Man
Favorite music (band/genre)?
Daft Punk/Jamiroquai
3 “fun facts” about you?
1. I refuse to play with any boot that isn’t an Adidas (Samba or Copa Mudial).
2. I used to opt out of being a starter in games because I hadn’t finished my 45 minute warm-up/stretch.
3. I have an identical twin.
Best advice you can pass on to Eclipse players?
Soccer is a game that teaches more than just how to score a goal and get fit. If you keep an open mind, it will serve you as a platform for social and emotional growth.

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