A Typical Year With Eclipse

At Eclipse, we have created a unique program that allows players and families a wide range of opportunities to play yet also have flexibility to play other sports and enjoy family time. The program was created based on years of research into theories of how to properly develop athletes and how to also keep them safe from the high risks of overuse injuries and physical/mental burnout. Our independent club structure has allowed us maximum flexibility in controlling the scheduling of games for teams in our club to monitor consistency both in quantity of playing time and in competitive balance. The chart below shows the commitment expected from an Eclipse player over a calendar year in the left column and the maximum amount of playing time they could participate in through our variety of opportunities offered in the right column.

Please note that the numbers of practices, games and tournaments varies by the age of the team and the experience of the team. We work extremely hard on creating schedules that are optimal for where a team is at in terms of their development. If you have any questions or concerns about your potential schedule, please address those with the club prior to registering for a team.


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