Eclipse Teams Improve and Succeed in Stockton

photo-3-6The Stockton tournament is a special one for Eclipse each year, as we travel to the tournament with all of our teams from U9 through U19. This gives our club families the opportunity to take their entire family to the same tournament and bond with other families from their team and throughout the club. The overnight stays at hotels in the area are also a favorite memory for many kids in Eclipse, as it gives them a chance to hang out with their friends and make some new ones. Overall, Eclipse teams continued to show improvements in their play clubwide and made all of the coaches very proud. Many coaches reported how proud they were of the effort and pride our players put into every game throughout the tournament and hope this will continue for the rest of the fall season. Playing 3-4 games in the hot Stockton weather is tough for any player, so all Eclipse players should feel proud for the effort they put out on the field during the tournament.

Congrats to all of our Eclipse teams who went home with medals as well! Ten Eclipse teams in all finished in the top 3 in their respective age groups.

1st place – U12GL, U13B, U19B
2nd place – U11GL, U12BL, U15B, U18G
3rd place – U11BL, U13G, U15G

The U12 Lunar girls are champions for the third consecutive year in Stockton, winning on a goal with just seconds remaining in the final. The U13 Boys repeated as champions in a dramatic overtime win in the final. The U19 boys held on to a 1-0 victory in the final despite being forced to play with 10 players all tournament due to injuries (they were 3rd 2 years ago and 2nd last year to complete their “collection”).

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